Blogads recently did a major overhaul of their advertising system and they’ve chosen to make it much more difficult on everyone involved — publishers need to redo their dashboards, re-insert code on their templates, advertisers need to update their Blogads bookmarks, etc. etc. etc. — so I just thought I’d make everyone aware that I’ve done my part.

If you’d like to place some advertising on Live Music Blog, and I know that you most certainly want to, please hit this Blogads purchase page, do a quick find on Live Music Blog, and go ahead and shoot some money my way. I’ll be happy, which means that my readers will be happy. It’s win-win all around…

Here are the direct links to advertise: here and here

If you don’t feel like giving Blogads a cut of the dough, go ahead and send me a note and we can discuss rates. :)