Ace’s Song of the Day: K-Dub Style

My buddy Lukas and I danced on over to the new Nokia Theatre in Times Square on Friday for an evening with the One Man Gang, Keller Williams. We’ll have a full review some time either later this afternoon or tomorrow (hey, it takes me a little while to get my shiite together and process what my rods and cones and cochlea just experienced).

I will say, though, K-Dub puts on a helluva show…he’s a talented, consummate professional, he churns out amazing music and he does it all with a wide smile and an intense stare. Prices for his tickets may be going up, but I don’t know how you can miss his show when he comes to town.

In honor of this weekend’s festivities, here are three of my favorite Keller tunes (they may be generic, but that’s the way I like ’em):

Gate Crashers Suck (8/13/05)
Freaker By the Speaker (9/2/05)
Best Feeling (8/27/05)