Hear Bob Weir on New Ace of Cups “Made for Love” w/ Jackson Browne & David Freiberg

Ace of Cups, the “Beloved All-Female Rock Group from the 1960’s San Francisco Psychedelic Scene”, just released a new single and music video called “Made for Love” featuring the Grateful Dead‘s Bob Weir, Jackson Browne, and David Freiberg of Quicksilver Messenger Service and Jefferson Airplane.

Rolling Stone spoke with Denise Kaufman from the group about how the new song came together.

Mary [Alfiler] wrote the basic melody and the mantra of it, and then we had our friends Jackson and Bobby and Dave sing with us. So we started out with just that, and then I wrote the spoken word verses and finished it just a week before the pandemic. For us, it expressed what we were feeling at that time.

Check it out below.