About Jamcasts

When I started blogging, I caught wind of podcasting pretty quickly. But I didn’t even own an iPod yet, so I don’t really think that I understood the whole point. Why would you download “radio” shows? Why would you want to listen to someone talk? Why not just listen to your own music?

The last question is the real doozy. When you have a large collection of music and you are a huge music fan, it’s surprising to hear that you can get sick of your own collection very quickly. So sometimes we need our music served to us. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what moe. played last night. Sometimes we have no idea what the hell Les Claypool is really up to? Hence, the podcasters jump in. Therefore, I jump in, too. I decided to create my own podcast and call them “Jamcasts.”

We chose the name “Jamcasts” as a clever word jumble. We like jambands. We’re creating podcasts. It just made sense.

Why not call them Jamcasts? Should I call them Jamcasts? Does that automatically imply that every single podcast we produce is going to contain music by a jamband? No. You’re named Live Music Blog, so does that mean that every Jamcast will contain live music? No. But, honestly, that is my goal. I love live music, and you should, too.

I’m constantly going to strive to improve the quality, but I feel that it’s good enough for the time being. Please drop us a line if you’d like to sing us some praises or give us some suggestions. We’d love to read them…