Some of you may have noticed a few changes here on LMB and I thought I’d highlight a few of the recent improvements to the site that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

  • Justin is still unemployed – it’s a rough job market out there, folks.
  • Whitperson is back and is now our New York City guy! – he put out a fantastic podcast of Phish Summer ’09 jams to celebrate.
  • Streamlined for your pleasure – given how active the world is on Twitter these days, we’ve started to incorporate shorter, quicker posts on our main page to accomodate the general flow of information that you’d expect to see on our Twitter account. You’ll see us posting more frequently because of it, and you’ll have a great experience on because we streamlined the design to make these posts look smaller and more concise. So now you get more news and more cool links that we think you should check out, and it’ll look web-sexy in the process.
  • Photo-expansion-ization – thanks to our trusty Flickr plugin for WordPress, we can add our photos to Flickr and featuring a gallery on the homepage that allows you to expand the photo and scroll through a larger size, higher res. version of the photos within the gallery. Pretty nifty. If you’re reading in the feed, you’ll miss out on this mind-blowing technological feat.
  • Festival 8 is coming! – our new banner represents the month of October for us here in Phish land, and we hope to update these monthly with a new theme and/or color scheme. If you’ve got a great photo you want us to use for the banner, send it our way at vibes @

With all that cool stuff happening, it’s the perfect storm of a return to a truer and more relevant version of LMB that will live in the world of Phish 3.0 and beyond. We’ve been in and out of the game for a while now, with a lot of that being part of growing up and going through changes in your life. But one fact remains — we’re still ravenous live music nerds and we want to continue to share that with the world. Thanks for continuing to read the blog and hope to see more and more of you in the beer lines of years ahead!