a couple links for us all

My Favorite Things…The Best of 2004 | Syd Schwartz-Digital Music Den
[Umphrey’s McGee] they are the first jamband that has produced a truly great studio album

I might have to agree with that statement. Although, I still love and listen to so many studio albums by my favorite jambands, including The Disco Biscuits They Missed the Perfume, Perpetual Groove All This Everything, plus not to mention most every Phish album I’ve ever purchased.

I’m not a hippie | dave’s music log

Dave wrestles with becoming a hippie now that he’s finally heard Grateful Dead American Beauty. Dave, surrender to the jamband flow. Just give up, Dave. It’ll be easier on all of us.

written summer 2004 before being turned away at gunpoint from the coventry festival | bec’s world