7-Year Old Breaks Guinness World Record for Most High-Fives in An Hour @ Bonnaroo 2015

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Turns out that I’m old and some 7-year-old kids are way cooler than I am — a little dude named Squish broke the Guinness World Record this past Friday at Bonnaroo for most high-fives in an hour. Look at that photo above and the grit and determination keeping him focused…

The 7-year-old boy, whom Haim memorably brought on stage in 2013, returned to Bonnaroo this year and claimed the record for most high-fives in an hour with 2,392 on Friday, eclipsing the record of 2,181 high-fives set by Ram Kadam and V Generation in India in 2012.

No comment today from Ram Kadam and V Generation but no doubt they’re hecka-bummed.