For the past few years whenever I see an announcement for this, I keep saying, “this year will be the year…”

The 5th Annual Lebowski Fest, the annual conference/festival dedicated to The Big Lebowski, is slated for Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2006 in Louisville, KY. This year’s fest boasts nothing entirely new from past years (at least from what I can see) but it’d still be a fun time. In fact, I’m nearly positive that if you attended this it would be nonstop laughs. That is, until Sunday when you’re experiencing the “hahaha, I get it (again), I asked you a question and you quoted the movie as your answer…very funny and all that junk.”

What the hell does an entire festival dedicated to The Big Lebowski actually entail? A free screening of the movie (with Raising Arizona as a bonus), an appearance by the actor that played Liam (Jesus’ bowling partner), an academic symposium called “Is this your homework, Larry?”, and a Lebowski-themed Art Show — all with discounted hotel rates and White Russians as your main choice for beverages throughout the weekend. Sounds fun to me.