It’s that point in the summer festival season where we stop hearing about massive lineup announcements and start getting the final schedule grids for all the big fests. This brings the all-too-familiar issue of scheduling conflicts. With so many great bands playing, there are bound to be some tough decisions to be made.

A few of the major summer fests have now posted their full schedules. Many of them have those nifty customizable grids so you can at least save your choices. Good luck making those tough calls:

10,000 Lakes
Check out the nifty Jambase scheduling grid for added customization.

Austin City Limits
And if you’re a bit on the geekier side about your festival scheduling, check out the ACL SCHED site for further scheduling fun. Justin geeked out with this for SXSW and said it basically saved his life down there. SCHED was created by one of the dudes over at Hype Machine, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more festival schedules from this SCHED site as the festival season expands.

With so many damn bands, Bonnaroo raises some tough quandaries. But Superfly does surprisingly well setting up these grids. Don’t forget to check out the the “More Stages” option; it’s easy to miss.

High Sierra
Yep, another nifty Jambase scheduling grid.

And yes, this also gets a Jambase scheduling grid.

Happy scheduling!