Starting Thursday, Sept. 28 and running through Saturday, Sept. 30, the Nemo Festival in Boston will feature “300 bands, 30 venues, 3 days, and 1 big opportunity,” whatever that means…

There’s some great bands on the lineup and there will be a music blogger panel during the fest that will be moderated by Robert Duffy (of fame).

Music Blog: Fanzines of the 21st Century
These days, music bloggers are finding themselves more and more in the spotlight of national media. But who are these people? Meet some of the area’s top music bloggers as they discuss legal issues, blogging philosophies, how they select music and more.

Sounds cool; if anyone’s going (or went), let us know your thoughts…

Read on for the long list of artists *sans formatting*…

Nemo Festival [web]
Nemo Festival [MySpace]

Long and Unformatted Nemo Festival Lineup

7L and Esoteric*A Brief Smile*A Place To Bury Strangers*A Wish For Fire*Adam Matta* AfroDZak*Age Rings*Akiva*Annie Stela*Appomattox*Arrica Rose and the …’s*Audible Mainframe*Autodrone*Baby Boy H*Bad Jamie*Barnicle*Be Your Own Pet*Blanks.*Boo Boo Danger*Breaking Laces*Bury the Needle* Caledonia*Carmen Townsend and the Shakey Deals*Casey Desmond* Cassavettes*Cat and Mouse*Chucky Danger Band*Cooper*Corin Ashley* Counterclock*Cousin*CSS*Dark Side of the Cop* David Berkeley* Detroit Red*Diamond Nights*DJ Brodeur*DJ Carbo*DJ Greggy Most*DJ Melee*Dog Day*Dr. Octagon (aka. Kool Keith)*Drive Like Maria*Duane Andrews*Dwight and Nicole*Easily Amused*Ed Zealous* Emilia Dahlin*Eric Metronome* Everlea*Exit The Ordinary*Faces On Film*Fair June*Fancey* Foreign Islands*Frank Smith*Gene Dante and the Future Starlets*Goat* Grace Kelly*Grace Potter and the Nocturnals*Gretchen Witt*Harriet Street* Heath Brandon*Hector on Stilts*Hepburn*Hey Tiger*Honor by August* HUMANWINE*Ian Thomas*ionia*JABE*Jake Brennan*Jared Campbell*Jared Scharff and the Royals*Jason Myles Goss*Jessica Sonner*Jill*Jodelle*Joe Wilson*John Burlock*Johnny Lives!*Jon Hope*Jordan Cook*Jordan Kelly* Joseph Arthur*Julie Doiron*Kabir*Katamine*Kristin Cifelli*La Rocca* Ladytron*Laurel Brauns*Leerone*Leroy Justice*Liam and Me*Lomita*Love Me Destroyer*Love Weapon*Madi Diaz*Maeve*Matt and Shannon Heaton* Matt Duke*Matt Wertz*Max Heinegg*Megan Palmer*Menomena* Mercy James Gang*Michael Pickett*Michelle Lewis*Mieka Pauley*Mile 21*Million Dollar Marxists*Modena Vox*Moving Picture Show*Mr. Nash*My Litte Radio* My So Called Friend*Nathan Asher & the Infantry*No Lindsay* Nobodys Hero*Omega Red*Oneside*Ottomatic Slim*Parkview*Peachcake* Peelander Z*Pete Francis*Pete Kilpatrick*Plan 17*Plumerai* Ponies in the Surf*Pretty and Nice*Project 1.9*Project Move*Provocateur* Rachael Sage and the Sequins*Rachel Platten Band*Read Yellow*Rose’s Pawn Shop*Ruin Her* Ryan Fitzsimmons*Ryan Lee Crosby*Sam Bigelo* Samantha Stollenwerck* Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles*Scissormen* September Twilight* Shaun Wolf Wortis*Shoney Lamar*Shotgun and Jaybird* Six Day Slide*Soda & His Pawn Shop Three*Someday Providence*Sproll* Starrs & Murph*Static Of The Gods* Stradio*SuckaBrown*Superlow* Superpower* Syd*Taxpayer* Tecoma*Tennessee Hollow*The Alternate Routes*The Analogues* The Black Lips*The Bleedin Bleedins*The Blizzard of ’78*The Boston Afrobeat Society* The Bowmans*The Break Mission*The Campaign For Real Time*The Chainletter*The Churchills*The Comfies*The Dangerous Brothers w/ Jimmy Ryan & Christian McNeill*The Dents*The Dirty Whites* The GoStation*The Head Set*The Hint*The Hourly Radio*The Humanoids*The INOut INOut*The Izzys*The Kin*The Klapp!*The Long Winters*TheMark*The Milwaukees*The Motion Sick*The Mugs*The Plan DJs*The Pleasantry*The Protocol*The Randies*The Rewinds*The Rockwells* The Rosemont Family Reunion*The Rudds*The Sharking*The Sharp Things* The Snowleopards*The Spies*The States*The Sterns*The Teenage Symphonies*The Televangelist and the Architect*The Velvet Morning*The Walk Up*The World’s Great Sinners*Thick As Thieves*Tim Blane*Tim Segreto* Toby Lightman*Todd Carey*Tokyo Tramps*Up the Emire*Vie Perdue*Virgo Loves Cancer* Visiable From Space*Walter the Orange Ocean*Warm Bodies*We’re All Gonna Die* Westgate*Wild Zero*Will Dailey*Will Hawkins*World Wide Spies*Yeah U Can Dance*Yo La Tengo* Zella Mayzell