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10klf.gifI’m just loving this idea of a Cosmic Break contest at the 10,000 Lakes Festival. If you haven’t heard about this yet, it’s a competition where you vote for which of 30 smaller bands you want to see play at the festival in 3 open slots. Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea for a festival and would love to see more festivals adopt this concept. Not only does it create good promotion for all bands involved, (especially the winners) it also helps in spreading the word about the festival. Pretty much a win win situation for all. There are just a few more days left for voting, so if you want to see any of the bands play, head on over to:

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List of bands follows…

Bands include:
GypsyFoot – /Bismarck, ND/
T.U.G.G. – /LaCrosse, WI/
Alabaster Brown – /St Louis, MO/
The Hyentyte Family – /Minneapolis, MN/
Roadside Zoo -/ Ann Arbor, MI/
del mar – /Madison, WI/
Michael Young – /Minneapolis, MN/
Ernie Hendrickson & The Make Believe – /Chicago, IL/
Covert Operations – /Michigan/
Gabriel James – /Minneapolis, MN/
The Smokin’ Bandits – /LaCrosse, WI/
Pencilgrass – /New Haven, CT/
Quadrophonic – /Fargo, ND/
Brandon Creasman – /Detroit, MI/
eVibe – /Milwaukee, WI/
Mike Perkins – /Columbus, OH/
Punsapaya – /Chicago, IL/
Gus Leavenbread – /St. Peter, MN/
Holy Moses & The High Rollers – /Fort Collins, CO/
Groovatron – /Chicago, IL/
The Lifters – /Minneapolis, MN/
Cosmic Kibosh – /Fargo, ND/
Simplicity – /Detroit, MI/
Madahoochi – /St. Louis, MO/
NBFB – /Boston, MA/
PDF – /Bloomington, IL/
Frank Trio – /Durango, CO/
56 Hope Road – /Chicago, IL/
Global Funk – /San Francisco, CA

I’m rooting for the Chicago bands especially. Go Chi-town!