10klf.jpgThe fifth annual 10,000 Lakes Festival — which takes place July 18 – 21 in Detroit Lakes, MN — has made some additions to its 2007 , including the following new artists:

Big Organ Trio

Looks like a few other acts are also being confirmed in this round, including:

Stealin’ Strings
Down Lo
White Iron Band
Hobo Nephews
The Smokin’ Bandits
The Lighterside of Being.

Not too shabby…a few solid names on the jam circuit, but nothing that would make or break the original announcement in my eyes. By the way, if you dig ’s sound, check out ; I caught them down at Langerado and they have some solid potential that “sacred” pedal steel.

It’s also cool to see 10KLF making some headway in the “green” department. Here’s what they’re saying:

Taking a green approach to powering the through a partnership CLIF Bar and NativeEnergy, the allows patrons to offset the CO2 emissions of their automobile or airline travel up to the by purchasing ‘Cool Tags’ at the online ticket check out. Each Cool Tag invests $2 in NativeEnergy’s WindBuilders program, helping the Rosebud Sioux Tribe build a wind farm on their reservation in South Dakota. Wind farms deliver clean, renewable energy to the grid without releasing CO2 into the , thereby displacing energy that comes from polluting facilities.

Get all your ticket and other info at 10KLF’s main site.

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