Holy Fuck Does MTV | Super Innuit Video

Holy Fuck – Super Innuit [MTV.com] (via YANP)

Even though I could easily find another reason to post about My Morning Jacket today, like including a link to the Bonnaroo 2008 download of their set that You Ain’t No Picasso is hosting, I’m just not going to go down that route. Instead, I’m going to link back to a video that YANP posted a while back on another one of my favorite bands of 2008 — Holy Fuck. Given the reception that these guys received following SXSW and the many sets they played there, I was definitely assuming that the band would have a big year. Then they announced a tour with M.I.A. and the rest is history. Now they’re putting up music videos on MTV.com; I really hope that doesn’t mean what I think it means…

At any rate, this video just about perfectly captures the experience of seeing this band live. The slow-mo parts capture it even moreso. They’re currently on tour over in Europe and don’t come back state-side until the Monolith Festival in September.