london primavera announcement coming soon

Following today’s two big reveals that will be expanding into Los Angeles next year and that they’re Barcelona and Porto festivals will have the pleasure of hosting the only two Pavement performances during 2020, I’d say the crew at may be holding this final announcement back until things die down a bit.

When they teased two new locations for their flagship the other day on their website, it didn’t take too long for to sleuth and out that this means Primavera Sound or Primavera Sound is something soon, probably before the LA next year.

One of the graphics turned out to be a hills , which got confirmed today when goers arrived at the site in Barcelona, and there’s that this blurry piece left on their website points to the Eye.

Talk about a good day for the team. Until it’s confirmed consider this post a rumor, but we’re pretty damn sure this is happening.

UPDATE: The festival is expected to take place in 2021. Organizers for Primavera Sound have backed out of plans to host its first-ever festival in London in 2020, Billboard has confirmed.

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