Yes, Virginia – The Dresden Dolls Are Still In Action

We leave you this evening a post from Kathryn Vercillo, a writer and fan in . You may have seen some of her work on Metroblogging San Francisco. We’re fairly certain that she’s going to become a regular talking head ’round here and she’s a fan of The Dresden Dolls. Welcome her open arms…

After extensive in 2006, including and performances, The Dresden Dolls have slowed down the action and are sticking close to home. But that doesn’t mean that the duo has ceased to produce the dynamic stage shows which brought a sense of playfully intense rock opera attitude back to the stage and which reinvigorated with creative performance art.

is currently wrapping up a month-long run of near-nightly entertainment at Cellar in . The full-cast performance has given them the to enhance their already strong performance art skills, adding new interactive tricks to their musical performance repertoire. Although there are no upcoming announced yet, is currently recruiting performers to participate in their ongoing development of symbiosis of sound and stage.

In the meantime, -area have about a week left to catch Cellar show. Those of us who aren’t situated in the Boston region can stay updated with regular visits to the Dresden Dolls Diary the Roadrunner Records update page for the band, the Dresden Dolls MySpace page and the band’s official website, which is as colorful and interactive as the performances which we hope the two will resume rapidly after the end of their stationary Boston show.

Written by Justin Ward

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