West Coast is the Best Coast

Wind farm ala sunset

I thought I’d drop everyone a quick post to let you all know that LMB is now officially being represented on the West Coast by none other than yours truly. I just finished a four-day, 2,500 mile trek across the country in a Chevy Uplander, and boy is my behind tired. It was awesome.

Now that I’m out here, that officially spreads the LMB coverage to something that I would finally call respectable. We’ve got Sam and Paul helping us out in NYC, Mitch and Andrew are representing the Windy City, Whit is still chilling in Charlottesville, and I’ll be our man on the scene in the Bay Area. I’m really excited about the year ahead. I hope you are, too.

Finally, thanks to everyone that sent me nice notes of encouragement. I’m psyched to be out here and I’m hoping on doing the music scene here proud.