We Gotta Get Out of Town…

Sorry for the silence over the last couple days, dudes. I was in Keystone, CO on a ski trip that brought a few musical surprises my way but didn’t leave much time for computerizing, and I didn’t really prepare by loading a post or two before I left. Oh well.

At least I got to see some music considering I wussed out on doing some snowboarding on Thursday. I don’t think I was anticipating how much the altitude was going to affect me or how scary it would be to look straight up a mountain and consider if you can make it down or not on a snowboard. I think I’ve seriously lost my cajones over the last few sedentary years of my life.

Jamband at Green Light, Keystone, CO

This band pictured above played at the Green Light bar, and we were pretty sure it was going to be jammy given the appearance of the band members. Dredlocks all the way to your waste is usually a good indicator of hippie tendencies. They opened with “Hey Pocky Way,” an original by the Meters (which I couldn’t remember at the time), then they went straight-up Percussion Jam > “Jingo” which was pretty true to form. A standard world music ditty preceded a standard blues song which lead into a jammed out “Whipping Post.” That was our cue it was time to move on…

Other random dudes jammin' | Keystone, CO

Later still, we ran into these two dudes playing acoustic party staples with some Pink Floyd thrown in for good measure. I did a shot off a ski — a shotski — while they rocked “Freebird” on guitar and mandolin. Not bad. So that’s what I was doing — what were you guys up to?

Also, in lieu of a full-fledged Phish Friday post, check out this video below that can sort of have a way of summing up that feeling (or sound) of being on the road.

Phish 1991-02-14 Destiny Unbound, Ithaca, NY [YouTube]