I think it would be an understatement to say that we at Live Music Blog are big fans of the man/myth/legend Hamish Patterson, better known as The ILLUSION. Ever since seeing his epic 23+ minute video blog of last summer’s Hollywood Bowl show, we/the Phish fan base has grown more endeared and intrigued by this man from Outer Space…or Malibu, CA. That’s why we were thrilled this morning when he dropped yet another YouTube recap of Phish in Southern California on the world. Don’t ever change ILLUSION, whoever you are.

Continue below for a transcription of The ILLUSION’s review of last night’s Phish show in LBC and watch the whole thing below. Biggest celebrity in the Long Beach Arena last night? Justin Bieber? We think not.

The ILLUSION’s final wrap of Phish in the LBC:

Smoking show man, Phish is totally in-tact and their frequency is super multi-dimensional man. Everyone was super cool. You know what, I figured out what it was, why I left Phish before – I didn’t feel safe, myan. That’s such an abstract concept and I didn’t even know what it was until I was twirlin’ tonight. I had my twirl on and my full-blown hippie dance going dude. I broke free and it was one of those, man. Like once you start moving your body in that rhythmic way and let all your limbs go and you start spinning and you break free in that rhythmic way, you break free of the whole thing, you find all your molecules. Just break part and join the bigger fusion of molecules. And I realize man, it was all because your…the scene’s safe. Ya know, we’re all a lot older than we were 20 years ago man when we were doing this thing and…Ya know, there’s a maturity level. It’s just a bunch of people that just want to go and have a good time and rock and roll and party and do their thing man, and that’s what was going on. I didn’t spin last time, the last Phish show last year man – I rocked, but I didn’t spin. Today, it was a full, multi-dimensional boogie-down. Pretty fired up about it. DJ, DJ man, thank you. You provided me access to the multi-dimensional frequency known as PHISH.

On a final note, pretty interesting, I got stopped by three, four people that called me out as THE ILLUSION, I think that’s pretty trippy dude. Just you know, I think that’s cool man. Right on you guys. Those of you guys that stopped me tonight at the show man thank you. I came by myself but I was not alone man. And that is a really cool vibe, just to be able to freely maneuver Spaceship Earth and feel right at home wherever you go dude and Phish is my home man and I’m glad I’m back man. I advise any of you old Phishheads man to a…break out your boogie down because the frequency is real tight man, real tight, real tight.

Pro Tip from THE ILLUSION on getting to the floor:

Just vibrate right through the line / you don’t even need a ticket to get into the concert, it’s an Illusion man

PHISH @ Long Beach Arena

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The ILLUSION’s “super cool frequency adjustment” (LBC Ticket Miracle)

PHISH courtesy of DJ

Souvenirs from The ILLUSION