I’ve admired the blog Here comes the flood for a long time. Hans was one of the first guys to *link* to Blog in its infancy, so I found his site, subscribed to the feed, and I’ve kept up his posting ever since. We even got to meet briefly when I was over in Amsterdam for Jam in the ‘Dam 2006.

He’s been doing a “Words About Music” post a couple times a week for a long time and I’m thinking about respectably poaching his idea for use here. I read plenty of musicians nice, bloggable snippets of wisdom that most of us should take with us on our days…

This one caught my interest…

has really psychedelic moments in the timelessness and restrictiveness in the sound that they generate. It still has a psychedelic quality just as much as Gong.

You guys tap into the beauty of repetition.
Yeah, I love that. I think it’s not just in music, too. There are really great paintings and really great sculptures by people who do things in series and sets, and repetition is something that creates the mood and makes a psychological impact on you. It simply could be psychedelic.

–Brandon Curtis, the

Hell yeah — I knew these guys had flowing through them in some way, shape or form…

Secret Machines [offBeat]

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