is a new band out of Germany you’ll want to know about. The trio plays krautrock-improv at underground locales in the spirit of NEU!, Harmonia, Cluster and La Düsseldorf. They’ve been dubbed a “Street Band” and “Krautrock Guerillas” by some. Check out a batch of underground videos and info on the Berlin based outfit.

Berlin Underground - We Are -

CAMERA plays unsanctioned gigs of all-improv krautrock in subway stations, park squares, under bridges, and sometimes even announced performances like the Awards. The proof is in the musical pudding. I’ve included several videos of all jamming to their hearts content in the most diverse outdoor locations you can find. It’s tough to find an official web presence for CAMERA as they’ve been using Facebook and the age-old MySpace, which lists a few scattered including a stop at Le Guess Who? Festival in the Netherlands. Upon first listen I started to draw comparisons to the original trio of and their “space rock” from 2002-2006.

C A M E R A @ Berlin Kreuzberg 1 Mai by. Obi 1

The only official item Camera has released is from Bureau B Records, the , Radiate, and an official video for “Ausland” which you can view below.

Camera - Ausland (official)

The trio’s maturity is a site to behold and the sounds they seem to come up on a regular basis all pay off. I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress as a trio. I’d love to ask them if they’d like to continue the “street tours” or play real for a paying audience in the . They’ve quickly established themselves as a band to keep an eye on — if you can find them. Hopefully they make it overseas to the United States soon so I can check them out. We don’t have too many subway stations in but we’ve got plenty of freeways to play underneath.

Berlin Street : CAMERA

I’d also like to thank DogGoneBlog for the hat tips on unknown bands. Sam Davis’ site continues to impress. Ever since his piece on Camera was published last week I haven’t stopped scouring for information and video of the trio. Thanks again!

[Official MySpace Site]

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