VIDEO PREVIEW: Wakarusa Music Festival 2012

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There is less than one week until I’m back on Mulberry Mountain for Wakarusa and I can’t even think about anything else. The schedule for this year’s festival is so full of what I would consider “must-see” acts that “a few schedule conflicts” doesn’t even begin to describe my indescision. On one hand I am upset that I simply won’t be able to see everyone I want to, but on the other, I realize that this is why Waka is such a fantastic festival. It gives festi-goers the freedom to simply wander and find excellent music everywhere. Whether you’re looking for the moobahton/dubstep of Wick-It the Instigator or the fast pickin’ fun of The Devil Makes Three, there will be something for everyone happening almost all the time.

Of course, the best experiences at music festivals comes when you are at the right stage at the right time and you find some new awesome act that just blows you away, the one act that you will remember to tell all your friends about when you get home. This is where Waka truly excels. From the Backwoods stage to the Revival tent there are hometown acts playing alongside well-known favorites all weekend long, and you’re going to have to try really hard not to find something you’ve never heard before that gets you moving. If you are at all skeptical, or even if you aren’t, check out the videos and links below and start getting pumped.

This Boulder based ‘electro hydro-funk’ trio is reminiscent of Lotus or Boombox in their earlier years. You may have seen them at this years Snowball Music Festival or at Red Rocks during last years Global Dance Festival.

I’ve basically been listening to ALOs newest album, ‘Sounds Like This’, on repeat since it came out. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a band with this type of sound since I first heard Ween.

I first heard their single “Came Out of a Lady” on a local radio station and I’ve been hooked ever since. Here it is performed in the Sherwood Forest last summer.

With its fluid violin melodies and heavy beats, Govinda is straight baby makin’ music. I can’t wait to see what the hula hoopers and fire poi dancers do with this in the background.

The Motet
Known for their awesome tributes to the Grateful Dead and The Talking Heads, the Motet is about as funky as it gets. This band is so full of funk in fact, it can’t be summed up with one video…so here’s two.



Pretty Lights
If you don’t know Pretty Lights yet then you REALLY haven’t done your homework. I’m only mentioning him here because I was looking for an excuse to post this awesome recap video from New Years.

Perpetual Groove
Another group you probably already know. They’re playing Thursday night at the same time as Pretty Lights and Friday night at the same time as the Avett Brothers. Tough decisions.

After stealing the show at last years Wakarusa, Quixotic is redefining what being a great act is all about. Their signature fusion of Cirque du Solei style acrobatics and hypnotizing beats makes it really hard to look away from the stage, even if it’s just to exchanged open mouth expressions of awe with your friends.