Ten Days Into My 20 Bands In 20 Nights Adventure

Its Friday, ten days into my end of summer tour and I’m blurry eyed and a little hung-over from last night’s Black Moth Super Rainbow show, which started late and went well past my work-week bedtime. I am four bands down, sixteen to go. With a little help from the Monolith Festival I should be over half way point by Monday. Yet, I realized that I don’t want to think of this as a “task” or “race” after Justin’s realizations into his own relationship with live music yesterday.

This trip is going to be a great experience. That’s how I like to approach live music. Good or bad you are experiencing something that is genuine. Rare in today’s world. Last week I was really lucky to have a phenomenal ten days of music and the next ten hopefully will be better than the last. Follow the jump for one smooth week.

Though no traveling has come out of my experiment in quarter life stamina, I did see a few great bands here in Chicago and went to one amazing party. Though, I think my friend Chris had the best time — posing above. As with every great plan, there are changes, compromises and unexpectedness abound.

tributosaurus.jpgAll three fell on my lap the first day of 20 Bands, 20 Nights. I was planning on seeing Andrew Bird over at Pritzker Pavilion but the weather wasn’t cooperating and midday a friend called and said he had tickets to Tributosaurus.

What or who is Tributosaurus, you ask? In their own words, “Tributosaurus are the civil war re-creationists of rock.” In english, it is a cover band made up of session musicians that cover a different band each month. They’ve recreated over 60 bands and this month just happened to be Hall and Oates. That’s all my buddy had to tell me; plan B initiated.

The fourteen piece band — yes, fourteen — killed all of Hall and Oates best tunes. This is no ordinary cover band, they are sharp and professional. A friend, Colby Baserra, even helped with vocals. I was definitely grooving to the smooth sounds of Philly’s favorite sons from start to finish.

The next night I went over to Park West in a veritable monsoon to see Mike Gordon‘s “variety show.” It was all together a little strange but that’s what comes with the Cactus. I dig his newest sound and if I’m not mistaken it like he’s gearing up for a bigger more rock oriented tour with this old band he used to play with — what’s their name…oh yeah, Phish.

Stay Smooth XSaturday was definitely the highlight of my week. Stay Smooth X lived up to all of my expectations. I had the pleasure to hit the party with my girl and we cut it up on the dance floor at about 20% all night — stay smooth. The wig I was sporting unintentionally turned me into a B-list celebrity, which added to the fun. A big thanks to the Stay Smooth DJs for another glorious night of smooth music.

After a long Sunday of watching the first week of the NFL, I met up with Mitch at Martyrs for the Benevento/Russo Duo. The Duo, as always, put on a rocking show complete with some new tunes. They never fail to impress. Russo is a machine and Marco fills every open space with music. Can’t wait for Mitch’s review with photos from your truly.

The final show on this half was the aforementioned Black Moth Super Rainbow show at the Empty Bottle. First time seeing the experimental band from Pittsburgh and it won’t be the last. They kill it. I was floored from start to finish. The numerous sounds meld together so well — but more on them later. I’m off to Denver tomorrow for the Monolith Festival and will keep everyone posted with photos and then a review later next week.