In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve actually been spending a lot of time working on Live Music Blog lately. Thanks to the help of some great guest writers, we’ve had tons of new stuff over the past couple months.

I can attribute most of that to the fact that I recently left a very lucrative Financial Analyst position at a corporate behemoth to pursue interests in life that fit in with that which I am passionate about. Not only am I blogger extraordinaire by day, I also have a Master Degree in Accounting and Management Information Systems. That’s not to say I’m not passionate about Microsoft Excel and all, but clearly I’d like to pursue interests that align me closer to the world of web publishing and music.

With my new-found freedom and more motivation than I know what to do with, I started to grow my hair out a little bit. Also, I’ve been fine-tuning a beard for the past couple months in the hopes that I can have award-winning scruff by the time I head to Europe.

See, the thing about me, is–I have red hair. And I wear glasses. And my sister-in-law called me…And some guy at STS9 on Friday night called me…–I sorta look like Trey Anastasio, everyone’s favorite band’s frontman.

treyisjustin-withcallouts (Custom).jpg

So yeah, I’m cutting my hair tonight.

Trey photo © Adam Foley