Here’s a list of 13 albums we’re looking forward to which have an expected release date sometime in the next eleven months (or so we hope). The list ranges from ’ first solo effort to ’s twelfth, to the much-rumored but nothing-officially-announced-next albums from and ! (fingers crossed!)

13. , Hummingbird, January 29th

If this CoS interview is any indication we may be looking at an early candidate for buzz album of the year. Taylor Rice said “We kept pushing and experimenting, trying to expand the palette of the sounds, as well as the arrangement techniques.” Can’t wait! Check out “Breakers” which was already released as a single. You can buy it on 1/29 through .


12. & The Bad Seeds: Push The Sky Away, February 19th:

This is ’s first album since 2008 so expect a big year ahead (including stops at in April.) ’s lyrical video for “Jubilee Street” already has us excited to hear the full release.


11. , Hands, March 5th

This is the first full-length album from SHH. You can listen to a track from the album, “See Me On My Way” right now. The bands has been labeled — “physical cinematic dance .” We’d agree.

10. , Songs From The Vanished Frontier, Date TBD

’s are the creation of and their debut album “The Color” was one of 2011’s best. If is involved as he hints on his twitter account, this will be one to look out for. The album was recorded in Cohen’s new studio.


9. , Regions of Light and Sound of God, February 5th

Jim James first solo album already has two impressive tracks to listen to in “Know Til Now” and “A New Life”. James also just announced an extensive North American solo tour that will see him going out on the road old pals.

8. ’s 12th Album – Title & Release Date TBD

This would be the bands 12th studio album. and have mentioned Phish will be recording this year a new approach in mind. Usually the turnaround isn’t very long so we should expect something in ’13. The band has written just one new original (“Steam”) in the last two years. Recently Trey told American Songwriter that the band members “really want to try to bust open the door.”


7. , The Next Day, March 11th

The albums is in obvious reference to “Heroes.” Let’s hope the new work is just as good. The first single has already divided critics especially those at LMB. You can read an interview on RS with Bowie’s Guitarist for the secret album sessions here.

6. The , Title & Date TBD

has said in recent that the band’s eighth album will drop sometime in 2013, so we’ll believe him. Mouse has worked with them for the past three records and is rumored to again.


5. , Mosquito, April 16th:

The contest for ‘Best Album of the Year’ may already be over. The new disc features a song produced by ’s just in case you weren’t already interested. They were just announced as playing April’s and played some of the new songs for a lucky audience in Australia. You can pre-order already.

4. , Title & Date TBD

This highly anticipated fifth album, the first since 2006, might not even come out this year but it still makes the list. The band posted in December that they were “half-way done” and also announced a performance in May at Japan’s Ozzfest. You can read the official statement from the band here.

3. The , Title TBA, Late 2013

Word of new songs is few and far between since the band debuted them at a secret gig last month. AF under the fake name held everyone to a “don’t , don’t text” policy. They’ve already announced a lonely 2013 tour date, at the Kanaval on February 23rd. is confirmed as having helped produce at least three tracks already.


2. Atoms For , Amok, February 25th

If the already released “Jury, Judge and Executioner” is any indication of the production style on this record we’re in for a treat. The band (consisting of of & of the Chili Peppers) are set to tour behind the record too. of dates are dancing around the world wide web already. We wouldn’t be surprised if Atoms for Peace are a late add for Coachella. is already scheduled there along with the other Chili Peppers. Stay tuned.

1. , Title TBA, Spring 2013

The recent news of Daft Punk signing with Columbia records has put the world on alert. The first studio album from the duo since 2005’s Human After All is set for release in the Spring and we can only hope it’ll include a tour, whether it’s this year or next. Artists as Paul Williams, , , and have all been rumored to have collaborated on it.

Which albums are you looking forward to this year? Let us know!

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