The New Mastersounds: Album Release @ Brick & Mortar, SF 7/19/11

I’ve finally got all of my uploads done from last week’s New Mastersounds album release party at Brick & Mortar, a seriously funky weekday night and exactly the kind of pleasant musical surprise that happens all the time in SF. Me and my crew all came away wonderfully floored and content, especially for a Tuesday night. The band was definitely in fine form and they’re not one to be missed right now. So if you did indeed miss them while they were here, well, then…your loss entirely. They’re off to play Fuji Rock (like Battles). But they’ll be back soon.

Read on for my full gallery from the show as well as 11 minutes worth of YouTube funkiness that we recorded at the show.

Highlights from the New Mastersounds @ Brick & Mortar, SF 7/19/11