are: Spoon’s , of Wolf Parade and , and New Bomb Turks’ Sam Brown, Alex Fischel on keyboards.

“I know you see me/ I’m just like you/ I’m just trying to make my way/ I got a feeling that you can relate.” – “Flaggin’ A Ride”

“Would That Not Be Nice” was my introduction to indie supergroup Divine Fits, a song which admittedly made me immediately go ’ing to see which obscure song was playing on the almighty tastemaking machine KCRW. Although at the time I was a little suspect while hearing the behind ’s extremely recognizable vocals – because this tune didn’t really sound a damn like any song I’d heard (well, maybe a little bit like a few tunes from Kill The Moonlight (2002)). Needless to say, I was pretty when the foreign-to-me name “Divine Fits” come across the screen. The song had an infectious and bouncy bass line and a heavily vibrato’d synth effect that swirled together perfectly to make an impact and leave me wanting to hear more.

Lucky for myself and folks in the Greater area, this new New Wave-leaning indie pop band is using the city as somewhat of a soft launching pad and a to get warmed up for bigger national dates and appearances (’s and Asheville’s ) scheduled later this fall in support of their debut A Called Divine Fits (out 8/28/12). seven performances under their belt, Divine Fits’ first shows all took place at small in each member’s home town, starting an unannounced gig in , (Britt Daniel/Spoon) on August 1 before hitting Montreal () and Columbus (New Bomb Turks). is currently in the middle of an intriguing four-show run at four unique, small LA (Bootleg, The Hotel Cafe, Masonic Lodge @ Forever Cemetery and The ) including the one I’ll be covering this Tuesday in the Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. All these LA shows could’ve been in considerably smaller rooms, is a solid indicator that this tour/project isn’t just a hastily put-together cash , these guys are just excited to be diving into a fresh musical endeavor. I, for one, excited to see what these guys can create on a stage, particularly “Salton Sea,” my personal favorite track from the new record.

Divine Fits - Would That Not be Nice ( at Beerland, , 8/1/2012)

My Love Is Real” was the first full song to surface from Divine Fits’ debut album, an produced by Nick Launay (Public Image Ltd., Killing Joke, & The Bad Seeds, ) to be released on Tuesday by Merge Records.

Press Love for Divine Fits

As for the performance, there was nothing not to like. The crowd, most vocally Britt , ate up every sincere smile that gave to them, and hung on every sound that came from the stage. , visibly having a blast, seemed to be pushing themselves to improve upon their previous performances, even noting after a blistering conclusion to “The Salton Sea” that it was the best version of the song that the band had performed yet. I’m not quite sure yet where critics will fall on the Divine Fits album, but as a live act, the songs work completely. Both Daniel and Boeckner have a natural ability at finding hooks that strike the listener as both familiar and fresh.Beats Per Minute

Comparisons are fair and inevitable, but the album deserves that highest of compliments: For all its familiar components, it sounds like Divine Fits.NPR Music on A Thing Called Divine Fits

For all the hype and curiosity that surrounded this gig, Daniel, Boeckner, and company played strongly and succeeded in what they needed to succeed at: sounding like a band.Austin Chronicle


Aug 28 – , CA – Masonic Temple
Aug 30 – , WA –
Sept 4 – Los Angeles, CA – The * Daughn Gibson supports
Sept 5 – , ON – Lee’s Palace
Sept 9 – , NY – Hall of Williamsburg
Oct 6 – , TN –
Oct 14 – , CA – Music
Oct 27 – Asheville, NC –

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