It didn’t take me long to pick out our first Print Tease on its regularly scheduled day. Any fans of the White Stripes or The Raconteurs are sure to be familiar with the artwork of Rob Jones. His fingerprints have been all over the meticulously designed images of both bands through packaging, shirts, and of course, gig posters.

Somewhere in between working on Jack White projects, Rob sometimes finds time to do gig posters for other bands. Recent posters have advertised shows for Band of Horses and The Willowz, but this Print Tease we’ll look at Rob’s latest and greatest for The Dirtbombs.

The Dirtbombs actually had a poster series organized for their current tour. For every tour stop a different artist designed and printed a poster, some were more successful than others in my opinion, but this one is the cream of the crop.

Printed in four colors on thick black stock and with three metallic inks, this poster is totally sinister and awesome. While the photo commands your attention, I really like the type treatment on the poster. Simple and effective, it doesn’t scream at you or hog the spotlight, but a quick reading of the print tells you the headliner, and usually that all you need. If the image itself pulls you in then you’ll also learn that The Dirtbombs headlined a show at Emo’s on March 27th, and that Kelly Stoltz supported. Like I said, simple, clean, badass.

Of course, this being a Rob Jones poster, it will not be easy to come by. I’ve heard they’ll be up on his website… soon… really….

If you saw this poster hanging in the window, would you want to see the gig? Check out the rest of the Dirtbombs tour series, and let me know if you think any others do it better.