Print Tease | Islands + Man Man – Jeff Brooks

As I think I’ve discussed before, I often see gig poster artists split into two categories: Illustrators and Designers. This is, of course, an over-simplification; many illustrators have a great sense of design, and lots of designers can draw. However, when looking through the pages and pages of new arrivals on Gigposters every week, I frequently see posters landing in one camp or the other.

Some people will only buy hand-drawn, intricately illustrated posters, others simply like clean lines, and a strong graphic design. I’m an equal opportunity poster geek, but this weeks Print Tease jumped out at me for its asymmetrical composition and awesome use of pictographs.

From the thumbnail I couldn’t see any of the text, but after a quick glance at the pictographs I immediately thought Islands? and Man Man? I was pleased to find that that was indeed who played the March 18th show.

In order for the poster to really be successful you have to know that there are bands called Islands and Man Man. But if you’re at all in tune with the indie music scene, than this poster will convey all you need to know in a split second.

Discovering Jeff’s work was a pleasant surprise today. I hadn’t seen his work on GP before, and while he hasn’t loaded too many posters, it’s obvious the guy is a talented designer. His style reminds me a lot of Jason Munn of the Small Stakes, and I’m looking forward seeing more work from him.