Being a recent transplant to , Midtown is a I’ve heard a lot about but never had the pleasure of attending. The event previously ran annually as a 2-day and later 3-day from 1996-2005, in various locations throughout midtown and downtown , and was a huge success. In its later years the drew over 300,000 people and brought acts as , , , and Matthews Band to Atlanta. In comparison, typically draws around 100,000, and , a similar in-town festival, draws around 160,000. Midtown was obviously a huge success and a cornerstone of the Atlanta music scene for some time.

And returns to this Saturday, Sept 24th, choosing scenic Piedmont Park as the location. The festival is starting out much smaller than it was at its peak, only one day of music across two stages, but its a day packed talent and exciting artists. Here’s the lineup

Manhattan rockers open the festival, bringing their raw guitar rock to a bigger stage than usual. Local follow and look to showcase their “twisted circus”, as they call it, to the town they featured in their debut album Southern Gothic. and occupy the middle of the afternoon. In the near they’ll be in support of and The , respectively.

, one of my favorite young bands, closes out the afternoon from 4:30-5:15. The British trio puts out a dark and dirty but very crisp brand of hard rock that you’ve probably heard on a commercial or two. I saw them for the first time on Thursday night at , and they absolutely killed it. I’m sure they won over a number of new under that packed tent.

Another local favorite, Orchestra, follows to begin the evening portion and will definitely put on a good show for the home crowd. follows, coming off a big performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards. I honestly haven’t heard much of this band beyond “My Body”, so I’m looking forward to hearing more of their material live. I’m sure this performance will be a crowd favorite though.

Next up we have one of my favorite bands of all time, . This will be my 12th time seeing these guys live, and its amazing to see how far they’ve come without really changing who they are or their sound. They’re drawing a bigger audience than they did even 2 years ago, but yet myself and many longtime I know still love everything about them and their live shows. They’re still the same old 2-man (and sometimes 4-man, ) blues-rock machine. You just don’t see many bands do that successfully. From talking to other Atlantans it seems that are really the big draw of , although they’re occupying a slightly earlier spot.

Second to last we’ll have , a band that’s really caught mainstream fire this year the single “Shake Me Down”. I’m definitely looking forward to these guys and I think they’ll bring some good energy to a crowd that might be getting a little tired at this point. I’ve never seen live but they seem like they would put on a great live show.

And lastly we’ll have , who’s been a rather controversial headliner for the festival among Atlanta music circles. Once one of the most popular bands in the world, they have definitely fallen from that pedestal the last couple of years. Regardless, you can’t deny that they’re a very talented group and have put out some of the biggest hits of the last 10-12 years. I think that while people love to profess they’re dislike for , we’re going to hear a lot of people singing along to old like “Yellow”, “Clocks”, and “Speed of Sound”. Who knows, I might be one of them.

Overall, its going to be a great 1-day festival and I think the organizers have done a great job with the . For a pretty price ($55) you’re going to see one of the best bands around today, one of the biggest bands in the world over the past decade, and a number of very talented up and coming groups. Its a can’t-miss if you’re in the Atlanta area.