PREVIEW: 9 Must-See Bands @ FYF FEST 2012

The term “music festival” conjures up images of remote grounds where festival-goers roam an inaccessible and vast plot of land while wearing tie dye and spreading a message of love. A commune-like experiment where nature meets the arts, and attendees are free to escape the day-to-day rigor of the city. But this is not up-state New York in the 60’s, and FYF Fest 2012 is about as far from the grandiose hippie imagery of yesteryear as a festival can be.

Located about 100 yards from the Chinatown gold line stop, L.A. State Historic Park is the perfect venue for the multifarious, two day musical event. The downtown Los Angeles cityscape will provide the backdrop for the decidedly modern festival, which is fitting, because the common thread between artists, if there is one, is the metropolitan feel of the music. The city influence amalgamates the various acts on the lineup, and the non-rural character of the festival will be appropriately accentuated by the urban locale.

Now in it’s eighth year, the Labor Day event has become a multi-day affair and seems to be on the brink of outgrowing its venue. Formerly known as “Fuck Yeah Fest”, the event is now branded as the more PC acronym, FYF. Yet, the festival faithful still use the expletive filled name when referring to the event, and it has not lost any of its edge as a result. Changing the moniker has not lessened the excitement levels either, and as fall approaches, it is time to experience what L.A. music fans have been rumbling about all summer.

Continue on to read about a few featured artists and a bundle of live videos from artists we’re looking forward to seeing this weekend.