Back in December, I was lucky enough to catch a reunited Brothers Past play a killer show outside of . their original drummer, Rick Lowenberg, back in the mix, BP reminded me why I became a fan of their unique brand of electronic dance .

As I’ve been getting back into working out and running a bit more frequently, I realized I was on new workout tunes to get me motivated. As a result, I decided to put together another version of our Hippie Workout Mix, this time a focus on the badass beats of .

BP’s precise drum and bass beats and layered polyrhythms give this mix an extra kick in terms of intensity. In fact, on my test runs with this , it was often pretty difficult to keep up. I have it’ll get you moving.


Hippie , Vol. 4 – Badass Beats from

Astphadel (1-30-04)
Inside the Tinman (3-27-04)
Bitches & Candy (9-17-05)
A Wonderful Day (4-15-05)
Bottlecap (10-24-03)
I Might Be Wrong > (11-21-03)

All tracks from the Live Music Archive.

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