In celebration of kicking off their summer tour this weekend, it’s time for another podcast.

Although I certainly love the band’s darker side, for me, I generally equate and summer with the band’s blissful and happy improvisational style. With that in mind, I decided to mimic the same theme from my last podcast — the Bisco Bliss Mix — and splice together some of my favorite moments of “blissful” Phish improv.

Happy Summer Tour 2011. Enjoy!

#070, the Phish Summertime .

LIVE MUSIC Podcast #070 – Phish Summertime Bliss Mix [mp3]

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Podcast #070 – Phish Summer 2011 Bliss Mix by livemusicblog

For a little more detail, check out the tracklist and notes below…

Although this isn’t intended to be a new version of my live music workout mixes, it could still work pretty well for a long, mellow jog, with occasional bursts of energy at a few spots in the middle.

In terms of track selection, I tried to use tracks that I’ve never put on another mix….which is another way of explaining why I did not include some old favs like the 7/10/99 Chalkdust, the DWD or Open and Melt > Catapult. Those gems are all on other mixes, which you should, of course, check out.

1) 4.3.98 Reba
2) 8.12.98 Ramble On > Slave
3) 4.2.98 Twist Around
4) 12.7.99 Halleys Comet
5) 2.28.03
6) 12.31.93 Harry Hood
7) 12.29.94
8) 8.16.98
9) 8.1.98
10) 12.31.98 Mike’s Song
11) 7.17.98 Mike’s Song
12) 11.7.98 Mike’s Song

All tracks originally pulled from “the Spreadsheet” and then spliced/edited via Audacity.

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