Podcast #062 | Keep On Votin’ in the Free World (Part 1)

Editor’s note: in my haste in switching over the site to WordPress I forgot to make sure our podcast feed was rigged up correctly. I’m working on fixing it, but in the meantime you can come and stream the podcast on the site using the built in music player on the site. We’ve got a special guest podcast for our return to form (yet again) and we’re seriously would not want to miss a chance to spread a good message and some good tunes with a podcast following up the Vice Presidential debate. The title of the podcast says it all. Take it away, Ryan…

Hello Live Music Blog.com listeners and readers, this is Ryan Pedersen, Editor of livemusicpodcast.net and your guest host for Podcast #062. Justin and I have collaborated to bring you a special podcast to raise awareness of an issue that is very important to us. Voter registration deadlines are fastly approaching in many states with some as early as October 4th. Even if you are not planning on voting we still strongly encourage you to register anyway, especially if you make the decision to vote when it’s too late.

The fact is that you really have nothing to lose by registering and the process is very quick and requires little effort. A great place to start is by going to non-partisan websites RocktheVote.com or HeadCount.org to begin the registration process or to check the voter registration deadlines in your state.

To help drive home the importance of voting I will be playing a compilation of politically charged audience recordings that were downloaded via archive.org and bt.etree.org. All of the artists that will be featured have open taping policies so we encourage you to download the rest of the concerts using the links provided. A big thanks go out to these bands for their open policies and the tapers, which without their efforts this show would not be possible. Please enjoy the music and if you haven’t already done so get registered to vote today!!

Total running time: 56:31

Track Listing:
1. People, PeopleDerek Trucks Band2008-07-11
2. No MorePearl Jam2008-06-14
3. Get Up Stand Up @ – Michael Franti and Spearhead2006-07-21
4. A Change is Gonna Come # – Gavin DeGraw2004-04-18
5. Come Together $ – John Butler Trio2007-11-16
6. Gimme Shelter % – moe.2008-03-06
7. What’s Going On ^ – Railroad Earth2006-09-03
8. Revolution $ – String Cheese Incident2004-10-31
9. War @ – Dispatch2001-04-03
10. Keep On Rockin’ In the Free World + – Outformation2007-12-01

Killing in the Name ** – Tea Leaf Green2004-01-09

@ Bob Marley cover
# Sam Cooke cover
$ Beatles cover
% Rolling Stones cover
^ Marvin Gaye cover
+ Neil Young cover
** Rage Against the Machine cover

Make sure you check out Keep On Votin’ in the Free World (Part 2) over at livemusicpodcast.net and holla at yo’ boy Ryan for putting together a sweet podcast.