A while back, I put together a little workout mix of some high-energy improv by the Disco Biscuits and added a tongue-in-cheek name just to have some fun. Although we knew it was a decent mix, Justin and I have been surprised at the warm reception we’ve gotten from it.

As a result, we’re back with another version of the “Hippie Workout Mix.” Per your recommendations we’ve lengthened this version substantially. Beyond that, we definitely stuck with the original theme: splicing together moments of high-energy improv to get you off your butt and really moving.

For future mixes, we’ll definitely be featuring other bands, but I just had too many solid picks leftover from the first mix to pass up doing a second version with music by the Disco Biscuits.

Enjoy and don’t forget to stretch!

Hippie Workout Mix, Volume 2 – “Bisco Triumpho”

Size: 93.3 MB | Total running time: 1:07:59

12/29/02 – “Gangsta” Jam
3/9/02 – “Hardcore” jam
7/26/02 – Nughuffer
3/8/02 – Triumph > Helicopters
9/5/01 – Helicopters
4/30/99 – Morph Düsseldorf*
10/5/02 – Astronaut*
4/17/99 – Basis for a Day*

*Remastered by Rich Steele

All tracks available for download and streaming via the Live Music Archive

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