Podcast #060 | Animal Collective

Even though it’s been quite a while since we’ve done a podcast here for the site, I really don’t feel any deep need to explain why we’ve been so silent in this category. The only thing I’m really compelled to add is that you can expect a lot more podcasts from us in the very near future. I’m realizing that we’re sitting on treasure troves of great live tunes that have never really been featured as part of the site. That is no more, my friends.

For my return to the podcasting arena, enjoy this solid run from a band I’ve been getting into over the past couple months. I got deeply emotionally attached to Panda Bear Person Pitch, an album that Pitchfork named as the top album of 2007. It was only fitting that I reached back into the archives a bit to see what he was doing before releasing one of my favorite albums ever made. That “before” was and still is Animal Collective, a scream-filled trip through noise and psychedelic with a little bit of jungle techno thrown in for good measure. This s*** is wild.

Show notes: Animal Collective @ Webster Hall, NYC 9/30/07 (source)
Total running time: 24:01

It’s funny that I was sitting on this recording for so long. Once I saw it posted on nyctaper, I sent him a note and asked him if he was cool with us using this recording for a podcast. He kindly approved. But then I just didn’t post it. It was only after I saw this recent “Brother Sport” clip on Stereogum that it finally felt right. It felt like a nice symbiosis in my life.

At any rate, I think these guys are crazy good and I’m psyched to see them booked for Coachella, All Points West, and Pitchfork Music Fest. As long as they keep booking festivals and keep playing stuff like this, and I’m definitely down.

Hope you guys enjoy.