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I meet a lot of fanatics whose only exposure to Steve Kimock is his occasional affiliations former members of the in the late 90’s (Kimock played on the Further Tour the Other Ones and occasionally Phil Lesh and Friends). Other folks have seen various reincarnations of the Band and maybe even seen his recent reunion shows with his old band, Zero. But a lot of folks don’t know that once had a near-perfect band: KVHW. Kimock, Vega, Hurtz, and White, was a two-year Kimock project from 1998 – 1999, involving bassist , drummer Alan Hertz ( part of Garaj Mahal), and rhythm guitarist and ex-Zappa vocalist, Ray White.

While I a pretty big Kimock fan in general, the reason that this project sticks out most is because of the other members of this band. In particular, it is the inclusion of the tastefully funky bassist, , that allowed to bring out a distinctly funky and bluesy side of Kimock. It is a side to his playing that you might not ever hear as a part of a side project or even in his later playing in any variations of the Steve Kimock Band. It’s funky, bluesy, soulful rock jamming at Kimock’s finest.

For our 58th , I’ve pieced together some highlights from two nights of at the Wetlands, which basically was the unofficial ‘jamband ’ in until it closed in September 2001. These two nights capture KVHW at its peak as a fresh, energetic, and exploratory improvisational rock band made up of four amazing musicians. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

Poonk >
Cissy Strut ( ) >

Rocco >
Whipping Post (improv)
Express Yourself (Charles Wright ) >
‘Down in the ’ improv

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Total running time: 49:21

Both shows are available for download/ at the Live Music Archive.

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