photo by WHITperson

For our 56th podcast, I went with another thematic mix, but this time with an old stand-by: the Disco Biscuits.

I’ve always been big fan of the Biscuits’ “” style of improvisation. While their take on Dub isn’t really the real-deal, classic style of Dub Reggae (by the likes of King Tubby or Augustus Pablo), it’s always been a cool type of dark, instrumental improv that mixes really well with their dancier electronic stylings. I’ve spliced together some of my into a mix I have entitled: Bisco in Dub.

Show notes:
1) 3/31/01 – “Down to the Bottom” intro
2) 12/30/01 – “Pygmy Twylyte”
3) 12/27/01 – “Hot Balloon”
4) 3/10/07 – “Orch Theme” from Langerado w/ on vocals
5) 12/28/01 – “Jigsaw ” (w/ banter spliced in)
6) 3/8/02 – “Above the Waves”
Total running time: 41:16

*all tracks from the Live Music Archive

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