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Show notes: @ Red Hook Brewery, 9/9/06
Intro : – “Reggie Is It”
Total running time: 17:38

I thought I’d try something new the latest

I’m not sure what your podcast listening habits are, but truthfully, I’m not much a fan of the all-talk podcast format. I tend to just *skip* these as I’d rather be listening to — new , unexpected music, at least some music, something… — but I still see some value in some sort of vocal introduction to the music. Why was this chosen? Anything special about it? Why do I like this band? When are they going on tour? etc. etc.

Therefore, I’ve gone and changed of the that I’ll be posting from on and devised a schema that I think would make most everyone happy what they’re getting from Blog…

Here goes…

The will be snippets of greatness selected from concerts or shows that I’d love to host indefinitely. On the show listed above, there are two songs from ’s Sept. 9, 2006 concert at the Red Hook Brewery in New Hampshire.

As a supplement to this wonderful podcast, the entire concert will be available for download immediately after the podcast gets posted. This way, if you listen to the podcast and you think the music quality isn’t good, you don’t like , etc., you’re not required to sit through a long podcast. If you’re into it and you like what you’re hearing, then you can stop by the site and download the show ’s. Best of both worlds in my eyes…

Why’d I choose The Slip for the podcast? I’ve been enjoying this band more and more recently — it’s light, atmospheric, and rockin’ enough in all the right indie/jamband sorta ways — so I figured that it’s something worth sharing with the rest of the world. Hell, Jim James from My Morning Jacket agrees with me

Feel free to drop some comments if you like/dislike the new format — keep that s*** constructive, yo! — and let me know how much you like the Slip also.

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