PINK FLOYD WEEK: Part Two (Wednesday edition)

As part of our celebration of all things Pink Floyd this week, we asked some of our favorite artists on the road if they had time to contribute a thought or two on what the band has meant to them over time. Trevor Terndrup from Moon Taxi happily obliged, commenting about his attraction to the music of Pink Floyd

The thing that attracted me to the band was the element of lunacy. Syd Barrett went crazy, everybody knows that. But even after they continued making great records without him, that element of insane genius still surrounded the band.

Each member contributed something extraordinary and unique. I love the light touch on the drums and keys. They are just enough and never force any undeserved attention.

Bass and guitar are a different story all together. As a guitarist of course I have had a love affair with David Gilmour’s ethereal and bluesy style. His playing is signature. I consider him a cosmic incarnation of Clapton’s ‘Slow Hand’. He could rip but there was restraint as well.

Moon Taxi is about to set out on a fall tour and just released the first video (“Cabaret”) from their forthcoming LP earlier this week.

Also, here’s the band doing “Time” and showing little restraint at all while tearing through the cover…

Moon Taxi -Cover of Time

Alas, since Trevor mentioned the great Syd Barrett, here’s “Interstellar Overdrive (Part One)”

Interstellar Overdrive – Part Two