On the final night of the Randall’s Island run that delivered back in 2014, they kicked off the second set with a massive “Chalk Dust Torture” that really sent everyone into the ethers. 28 minutes, breh.

released it officially on their channel soon after the show, which you can watch below…

Phish - 7/13/14 "Chalk Dust Torture"

Just a wild version as ever, truly Type II sounds that I’ve never heard come from the band before, and at the time I was mostly speechless and really only had this to say.

Must-listen Type II jam. Featured a Mike’s Song peak section and ultimately unfinished after 28 minutes.

Our friend LazyLightning has a version of this up on his channel fully worthy of a full re-watch today. He says that it’s “essentially a short film (28mins) with a few little stories throughout” so he made it look cool and black and white in spots, like a film. You can check that version if you prefer it as well.

Phish - Chalkdust Torture - 7/13/14 - Randalls Island

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