PHISH FRIDAY: “You Enjoy Myself” (Trey with New York Philharmonic)

I remember the first time I heard the audience recordings from the Trey Anastasio performance with the New York Philaharmonic back in September, 2009, because it was one of the rare moments when you’re chilling by yourself on a Sunday morning in front of your laptop and you stumble into a piece of music or moment captured from the stage that gives you straight-up chills. When I skipped ahead promptly to hear about Trey put together “You Enjoy Myself” with the symphony, I was more than pleased and grinned largely as I strained to listen through the recording hiss, which was easily overwhelmed when you hear the audience react to the “jam.” Such a masterful rendition of a song so many of us have only heard or wished to see in such a dramatic juxtaposition from the setting in which the recording originated.

And this video posted today on YEMblog only further solidifies how hard this hit the audience that night:

They had everyone hanging ’til the very last second.