Phish Friday: Windy City Videos

I’m halfway through “Darien Center Jam” from last night’s Phish show and I’m waiting for the show tonight in Hartford to get started. Make sure you follow our Twitter account for setlist updates, as well as @yemblog as usual. Everyone is pretty much in agreement that Phish is firing on all cylinders right now, but I still heard some decently mixed reviews about the show in Chicago at Toyota Park. I went back and listened to the debut of “Windy City,” one of the new Page tunes we all hope to hear more of. It’s not bad, but I can see how it felt a little flat in the middle of a weaker first set than usual (lately).

Don’t take my word for it — check out the new song “Windy City” below…

Phish - "Windy City" 8/11/2009 Toyota Park, IL