Phish Friday | Who the hell is Guy Forget?

guy-forget.jpgFor today’s Phish Friday, I thought we’d drop a little jam or two that definitely gets categorized in the Epic Jam Vehicle section of the band’s history, with that jam vehicle in question being the always-evident-in-the-later-setlists-jam: Piper.

This “Piper” is still no ordinary, we-like-to-jam-because-we’re-Phish version, especially considering that the band works in a segment following the tune that features Trey and Fishman trading off lyrics and musical screams on a theme that no one would really ever make sense out of: the famous French tennis player, Guy Forget.

“I had never met a man that I couldn’t forget except for…Guy Forget!”

Very clever, Phish…very clever indeed.

I have no direct experience with this one in particular, except for the fact that it’s the bonus segment of their Live in Vegas DVD that was recorded on 9/30/00, the capper of the truly epic two-night Vegas run that brought out “Spock’s Brain,” “The Curtain With,” Kid Rock (!), a Happy Birthday to Trey (as sung by the crowd), and plenty of other nice surprises. This segment was taken from the next night in Phoenix:

And with that, Phish gets added as an addendum on the Guy Forget Wikipedia entry. Have a killer weekend, ya’lls.