Phish Friday | Waste Free in Germany, ’97

PhishWaste, Free

We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time on Phish Fridays with the year 1997, truly a tremendous year for the band and the quality of music that came from that group of dorks that many of us fell in love with during the musically open-minded time of our lives.

So why not spend some more time in the Phish ’97 world today? It’s really all I’ve been listening to of Phish in the past day or so, and even though we actually did do a quick post on this show back at the end of 2006, I certainly didn’t spend enough time on it. Last night I dug into the first two nuggets from the show that I ran across and I figured I’d post them in double-glory today. Two YouTubes, two mp3’s — and with that, I send you off into the weekend where I can try to catch up on my hectic job that also happens to give me free lunch every single day (and for that, I’m not complaining).

The “Free” jam is just disgusting all around, especially how Trey finds his way from the drums back to his guitar when they bring it all back to reality. It’s really incredible stuff. And “Waste” is just that song that still gives me chills all around. It can make me laugh, it can make me cry, and it makes me wonder if there’s a future of Phish that could ever produce such magic again. Such is the nostalgia of Phish Friday, I guess…

Peace out, homeys.