Phish Friday | Walnut Creek Giveaway

It’s about 10pm on a Friday night and it’s not yet too late for me to turn in solid Phish Friday post to help finish off the week. I got a lot of good response to my post that I was a little burnt out from seeing shows, but staying in has allowed me to get a post setup that really makes up for any lack of proper attention over the past few weeks.

A few weeks ago I got a copy of the new Phish Walnut Creek DVD and got to watch it’s genius front-to-back in pretty quick order. I never had time to really digest it, though. I meant to write up a more solid review but never really got around to it. Not that I think back, I’m not sure it even really deserves a review other than mentioning that it’s an incredible concert DVD and one that shows a band in the prime of their musical creativity. Most would say Phish was at that prime every night, but I always remember that the band is the one choosing the releases and giving reflection to a particular night or performance that meant something a little more to them. This show on July 22, 1997 was something that the band remembered. They chose to work on it and repackage it and share it again. I always put a lot of weight in that.

I’m also pretty happy that I accidentally got two copies sent to me, because that means that I can give one away. If you’d like a chance at a free copy of the DVD, go ahead and leave a comment on this post with your favorite Phish song. I’ll pick a winner at random after we get a few people in the running, so make haste and drop that comment now. To get you interested you can watch this clip from the DVD during one of my favorite segments:

Weekapaug Groove – Phish Walnut Creek [YouTube]