Phish Friday: The Susquehanna Sand

Now that we’re finally back up and running on a new host, I can finally blow the collective Phish load that I’ve been holding back on over the past few weeks. Pretty much every chat conversation I have these days seems to center around the band, and the discussions on the street seem to center on this, too. I was at Gene Ween solo at the Independent the other night when I heard someone chatting with some friends about having returned from the Fox that day, and that the new “Time Turns Plastic” song was “like 20 minutes of nonsense,” all the while I’m still mentally recovering from my friendly debates during the day on whether Camden is the tour highlight or whether Deer Creek and Alpine will be the real heat to anticipate. I can say I’ve seen about 75% of the tour live thanks to the streams up on USTREAM, and I really have no problem deciding that this band is a new Phish that I never really got the pleasure to see in the years where I finally started to appreciate their music. I’m loving every second of it, even if they did botch the hell out of Bowie last night.

Without a doubt, the moment that’s gotten the most hype and discussion has to be the second-set opener “Sand” in Camden, NJ. When I finally got a copy of the show I was told that I needed to start with this, then go back and listen to the entire show. So that’s the purpose of this post for me. Got any doubts about the new Phish you’re hearing? Pissed that they’re not jamming out Mike’s Groove enough? Just watch this video and let your mind go right at the 1:00 minute mark. Pure bliss.

Phish – Sand Jam Susquehanna Bank Center Camden, NJ 6/7/09 [YouTube]

Phish is playing at one of my favorite venues in the country tonight — Deer Creek — so stay tuned for setlist updates from our Twitter account. This tends to be a venue where the band has quite a bit of fun. I’m hoping for a Chalkdust Reprise again like they did back in 2000…

Phish 2000-07-11 Moby Dick All and Chalkdust Encore [YouTube]

If you haven’t had enough, buy the book and see the movie already.