PHISH FRIDAY: Starting on 7/3 in Maine, the Summer’s Hottest Tour Is…

Starting July 3rd in Bangor, Maine, this summer’s hottest tour is The Phish from Vermont:

There will be w00kie riots, NOLA Bounce-esque azz shakin’, Yoda dream sequences, Han Solo, The Han Duo, Dirty Harry gunfights, Light Saber Jams, Real Life Mazes, Heavy Metal animations, The Clown from IT at an EDM show, Danny Tamberelli from Pete and Pete, the grown up version of the little girl from Matilda, Stacy from Wayne’s World wielding a gun rack, kids at a Christian Summercamp revival and Ricky Gervais from The Office (british version).

Need proof? See below:


^ Was this video created by The Mike Jones?!? Five Stars across the board.