Today’s Friday was an obvious choice for me considering we’re publishing this on July 11. Eight years ago today, played the second night of a three-night run at in Noblesville, IN, easily one of the best amphitheaters in the country. Sadly I was not at this show, something that I don’t really like to relive in memory because it followed a truly heartbreaking instance of lost mail order at the band’s Apline Valley date scheduled a few days earlier. You know, one of the shows that the band picked for the first batch of Phish releases (Live Phish 05), meaning the band thought that this was a show that ripped hard. Oh to have been there. Sigh.

From Alpine, the band headed down to Indianapolis via to spend three nights hanging out in a set of cornfields-turned-heady-campgrounds, the traditional economy during the summer concert season. The first night was probably great and all — I never listened to a recording from it — but the second night was the heat. Clearly there was something in the veggie burritos that night, because the band played an all-out romp of a second set by weaving in the Zeppelin classic, “ Dick,” on at least five separate occasions during the night, including the encore. Plus, the band seemed to jam out to a modified version of “Chalkdust Torture” during the first set which the band closed with. I’m not sure you’ll hear a more adrenaline-fueled Trey than in the show closer.

“The ,” indeed.

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