This week’s Phish Friday post comes from Live Music Blog friend, Stanley T. Roper (again). We were super impressed with his ability to sum up this track in less than 100 words, so it clearly deserved a place in Phish Friday history. Remember, we like submissions (with files attached) so feel free to send those our way if the mood strikes you. Hopefully Stan will send us some more in the future…

Herewith I present what I consider to be the funkiest of bitches. Funkier, I contend, than an old batch of collard greens.

A flub results in Trey taking the first solo, which leaves the Chairman to take the second solo. Of course, Trey usually ends the song after taking the second solo — so this presents a dilemma. Whatever will our brave band do?

Funk the living s*** out of it for another ten minutes, that’s what.

  • Phish – Funky Bitch (live, 11/30/97) [m4a]