Phish Friday | Spock’s Brain!

Phish – “Spock’s Brain” (live, 9/29/00) [YouTube]

You may have noticed that we missed our regularly scheduled Phish Friday last week thanks to a bit of ill planning on my part. This week we’re back with a recently uploaded gem from the man that seems to be pumping Phish onto the YouTube masses in a way that we’ve only seen from, well, the hardcore taper types. Don’t let the name fool you; silverchair97 is actually a pretty big Phish fan. Folks like this really, really impress me. The kinda guys were the glue holding the scene together before the internet prolifierated, and they continue to put out great, usable content for all of us bloggers long after Phish has been long and gone for quite a bit. Kudos, phriendly phan of phine Phish phvideos.

Who knows, though — maybe they will finally be reuniting once and for all, given Trey’s recent return to the stage after his drug problems turned into legal troubles. For now we’ll enjoy the prospect of it, and let’s hope this turns into reality at some point if the band can bring the heat like they used to.

As for today’s selection, I was always a fan of the darker side of Phish. There were so many songs that the band seemed to melt together into a set to go from bluegrass, rock, funk, etc. Some songs are absolutely unclassifiable, and I think “Spock’s Brain” was one of them. Phantasy Tour has the play count on this song clocked at nine times played only, which means that they clearly dug deep when putting together the setlist for the epic two-night Vegas run that helped send the band off on their initial hiatus. See for yourself; Cactus really owns this song front to back.